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Need to get in touch with the head honcho? Drop us a line below. Inquire about corporate career opportunities, try to convince us that we need to open up shop in your area, tell us how our tacos changed your life. All great things you can contact us right here about and we’ll do our best to back with you ASAP!

Was your Chubby’s experience not absolutely incredible? We’re sad to hear that, please take a moment to write down what bummed you out and stick it straight in the garbage can…What?!?! Sorry, we’re kidding. Now that we think of it, that probably just made you angrier. Sorry again. Seriously though, we take our establishments and customer experience very seriously. If for any reason you weren’t totally thrilled with your experience at Chubby’s Tacos or perhaps you just have a few recommendations we are all ears. We constantly strive for perfection but we also know it’s not always attainable so we’ll do our best to address whatever issues you might have had.

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