When You're Feelin' Fresh...


Voted best in Raleigh!


When You're Feelin' Fresh...


Voted #1 Tacos in RDU!



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We're A One Of A Kind
True Taco Stand Fare

It’s simply a fiesta for your mouth! Embrace it. Chubby’s Tacos means only the bestest-most-freshest ingredients you’ll ever put into your big, beautiful mouth! Flavor bombs exploding with every bite! An entire bar made up of 8 amazing salsas! What?!! Come dig into this palate puncher!

we keep it super simple,
because, well, everything else is just harder...

Real Smiles

Real Epic Food

Real Cold Cerveza

The Freshest Mexican
Delivered To Your Casa

Name someone who doesn’t like tacos and we’ll show you someone you need to distance yourself from immediately! You don’t need that type of negativity in your life. Everyone loves tacos so why not give the people what they want and get Chubby’s to cater your next event. Business lunch – think Chubby’s. Family party – think Chubby’s. Neighborhood gathering – think Chubby’s. Quinceañera – think Chubby’s. Big game – think Chubby’s. Wedding – think Chubby’s. Funeral – sorry for your loss, but also congratulations for a reason to order from Chubby’s Tacos!

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